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Here is my collection of purchased iTunes music and videos that I am willing to exchange with other music lovers.

Music on this Site is only for exchange of other purchased material  i don’t have or want to have.

A lot of the items posted here are 

->**Exclusive to iTunestrades**<-

If you see anything you would like please feel free to contact me, It may also be a good idea to send a list of what you have to offer, I can then take a look and see what i would like in exchange for what you want.

All I ask is a fair ‘like for like’ exchange… an album for an album, a single for a single, a music video for a music video… I think you get the idea. (1 for 1)

Please don’t send Lists with more than 700 Pages. I don’t know what i exactly need in the most cases, so if i see in your collection some nice stuff, THEN i want to have it.

I need badly:

  • When u have Bargrooves Compilations that are not listed on that website, i badly need them.
  • When u have Hed Kandi Compilations that are not listed on that website, i badly need them. (ONLY GB AND US RELEASES WITH MORE TRACKS!)
  • Any Chillout related Material.





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